Eighth Annual July Good Beer Month™ Celebrates Good Beer Seal Awards with 15 New Entries

GoodBeerSeal2016Beer Sessions Radio™ and The Good Beer Seal are delighted to announce the recipients of the Eighth Annual Good Beer Seal Awards. This year’s inductees will join 64 of their peers from NYC, northeastern New Jersey and Long Island. This year The Good Beer Seal expands to Westchester County, in recognition of great beer venues that stand out from the competition in terms of superior beer quality and selection as well as commitment to their communities. The Awards are the culmination of July Good Beer Month, which features specialty events across the city with a focus on craft beer, the brewers who make them, and the local establishments that sell craft beer. The Good Beer Seal nominees are gathered by a select group of beer journalists, industry professionals and existing Good Beer Seal bar owners.

This year’s 15 inductees are:

For eight years, July has been declared “Good Beer Month,” and we celebrate the dedicated, community-oriented bars and bar owners who are on the front lines of the country’s continuing craft beer revolution.

Congratulations to the class of 2016!

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