What you missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: Kevin Zielinski and Oregon Ciders

Cider112216This week on Beer Sessions Radio™, we’re not talking turkey but we are sipping cider from a show we taped last June with E.Z. Orchard’s Kevin Zielinski. He talks about his family’s background in Willemette Valley (Oregon) orchards and heirloom variety apples in ciders. Started by his grandfather in 1929, the orchard today is run by Kevin and his brothers.

It was his interest in Pinot Noir that sent him down a path of making ciders, and he walks through the life of an orchard famer from planting to pruning to blooming to hand pinning to harvesting to fruit gathering and cider making.

West Coast ciders tend to be different styles than what we typically get in the north east, and Kevin breaks down many of the French- and English-style ciders he makes.

So pull up a chair, pour a glass of everyone’s favorite fall beverage and listen to the full episode here.

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