What you missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: Brewed Food

BSR_06072016This week on Beer Sessions Radio™, host Jimmy Carbone and Anne Becerra welcome the creator of Brewed Food, Jensen Cummings, and Brooklyn Brewery Chef extraordinaire Andrew Gerson to talk about innovations in food and beer pairings.

First up, documentary filmmakers and craft beer lovers, Eric Schleyer and Andrew Coury, are making a movie about the NYC beer scene that includes Brooklyn Brewery and Bridge & Tunnel, among others. They’re calling it Beer Boom Movie. “It’s really about the growth of craft beer,” right now. They’ve enjoyed learning the “behind the scenes” stories of the city’s brewers and how the business of brewing is affecting NYC and beyond.

Eric reveals his trade secrets for selling “heavy” and “light” beer from his days hawking at Shea Stadium along with the challenges of finding footage for the film.

Taking inspiration from such renown food and beer pairing events like Savor, Brewed Food is Jensen Cummings’ “full on circus of beer and food.” His traveling food show is “fermenting people’s minds… by taking the idea of brewing and applying it as the core philosophy of cuisine.”

According to Andrew, Jensen is taking beer and food pairings to the next level by fermenting with beer ingredients (e.g. taking beer yeast from various strains to create unique fermentation profiles such as in the Yuzu Kosho used during a recent tasting event at Brooklyn Brewery). Andrew also chats about the evolution of beer dinners and what Brooklyn Brewery is doing both locally and across America.

Jensen explains: “It’s not enough for us to wait until beer is done to interact with it from a culinary perspective.”

We’re also bidding farewell to long-term producer of Beer Sessions Radio™, Jack Inslee. He’ll be missed and we wish him well.

Listen to the full episode here.

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