Helping Japan

Much like everyone else in the world, people in the beer industry have been watching the events in Japan with great dismay. Their current struggle is unimaginable and many of us are searching for ways to help. Jimmy Carbone, founding member of the Good Beer Seal and proprietor of Jimmy’s No. 43 has been in contact with Toshiyuki Kiuchi of Kiuchi (Hitachino). After their email exchange, Jimmy sent this message to The Good Beer Seal:

Beer Friends,

With the tragic Tsunami in Japan, word got back to NYC very quickly that one of our most beloved breweries, Kiuchi (Hitachino) was in the most damaged area of Japan, Ibaraki Prefecture. While spared major damage, their production has stopped and  they have begun to bottle their water supply for survivors. Rather than donate money through a relief agancy, we plan to send money directly according to Mr. Kiuchi’s instructions. He says a friends’ brewery was completely destroyed and would be a good beneficiary of any money raised.

This weekend Blind Tiger Ale House will be holding a silent auction to benefit survivors in Japan. “Since we have friends on the ground in Japan, we figure they will know where the money is most needed.” Dave Brodrick of Blind Tiger said of this week’s fundraising efforts.

We are plannning a fundraiser for the last week March. We will keep you posted.

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