What you missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: The Orval Show

orval-900x675Monastic silence
Ferments froth a quenching brew
Trout jumps with gold ring – Ale Street News‘ Tony Fodor (with a Haiku about Orval)

On this week’s episode of Beer Sessions Radio™, host Jimmy Carbone along with (winter, now spring!) guest co-host Anne Becera has a belated celebration of last Saturday’s first-ever Orval Day. They’re doing a vertical tasting of this amazing Trappist ale.

Local importers of Orval, Dave Rodriguez and Scott Kowalski from Merchant du Vin, are in the studio to discuss the 11 Trappist breweries in the world, among with Orval is one. Located in southern Belgium, the Monastery dates back to 1070.

Also in the studio: Michael Opalenski from B. United, Tony Forder of Ale Street News, and the “Beer Sensai” himself, Warren Monteiro.

The panel is talking about traveling the Belgian beer trail and the legend of Orval. As Warren says, your first taste of Orval is something you’ll never forget.

You can listen to the full episode here.

What you missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: Stillwater Ale’s New (Ad)Ventures, PicoBrew’s Dream System

StrumkeatJimmysNo43On this week’s episode of Beer Sessions Radio™, host Jimmy Carbone welcomes back Brian Strumke of Stillwater Artisanal Ales, who is launching a new bar space here in NYC along with Cory Bonfiglio (who also co-owns Beer Street) and wine expert Tanner Walle. Their new space Classique hopefully will be opening later this year in Bushwick.

Brian may be the busiest man in beer right now, shuttling between two home bases of Brooklyn and Baltimore. He’s multitasking on the show and sharing many of his beers, showing a rich history and a lot of creativity in coming up with new beer concepts - including some of the iconic bottle artwork created by Brian’s life-long friend Lee Verzosa – that winter co-host Anne Becera comments on. Stillwater is even launching a collaboration wine (called Sound Wine) with Spain’s Dirk Niepoort.

Classique won’t be Brian’s first bar. He also owns a Baltimore bar, Of Love and Regret. He’s currently working his gypsy brewing at several locations, including Two Roads in Connecticut and in Virginia at Vanish Beer, a new brewery/hop farm that is doing its own malting. Able to experiment with new ingredients.

Also in the studio is Donald Brewer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at PicoBrew. Their flagship device is the Zymatic, a small all-green brewing appliance that is fully automated.

The panel talks about the origins of craft beer found in Europe, upcoming festivals in Copenhagen, and the Craft Brewers Conference coming to Philadelphia in May.

Join in for this week’s “controlled chaos” with your favorite Stillwater beer (friend us on Untappd: Beer_Sessions_Radio to know what we’re drinking every week). Try the Gose Gone Wild (Anne says to pair it with pizza!). Listen to the full episode here.

What you missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: Tørst and Jopenbier

Jopen_BSR_03012016On this week’s episode of Beer Sessions Radio™, host Jimmy Carbone and winter co-host Anne Becera are welcoming a full house (or studio) of special beer guests, including  Mike Amidei who is Beverage Manager at Tørst / Luksus and his very cool team of bartenders (Graham Saylor, . They are joined by oft-guest B.R. Royla of Shelton Brothers Imports and Erwin Klijn from Jopenbier in the Netherlands.

Mike (along with Graham “Head Beer Boy” Sailor, Anthony Sorice, Fernelly “Morale Manager” Saria and Ryan Mauban) have all been with Tørst since the bar opened in 2013. Mike came by his passion for the world of beverages honestly. Mike’s father (a life long lover of all things food & beverage) bought a bottle of each of the Bordeaux First Growth wines for the year Mike was born and on his 21st birthday the family opened, and shared, a bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild. From there, he was hooked. Mike received his BS from Florida International University in Hotel & Restaurant Management and has held nearly every position on offer in that field from busboy to line cook to hotel management.

Although far from here, Jopenbier shares a connection to NYC, as it is located in Harlaam. Jopenbier is a result of the work of Stichting Haarlems Biergenootschap, which was founded in 1992. The mission of the Biergenootschap is to re-create traditional Haarlem beers and bring them to the commercial market. The name Jopen refers to the 112 litre beer barrels that were used in early times to transport the Haarlem beer.

From starting up a Michelin Award-winning bar to debuting unusual beers in the USA, this panel has a unique take on the challenges and rewards of being in the beer business. And they’re drinking some of the best beers we’ve had on the show in awhile. So pull up a chair, pour yourself a pint, and tune in the full episode here.

What you missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: From Pint to Farm, Beer and Cheese

BSR_021616On this week’s episode of Beer Sessions Radio™, host Jimmy Carbone welcomes guests  Andy Marcelli of Eataly and Marcelli Formaggi, La Birreria head brewer, Fred Avila, and Jamie Adams of Saint James Brewery, on Long Island. Winter co-host Anne Becerra is in the studio, too, talking about some mouth-watering beer and cheese pairings.

The panel is discussing the challenges of opening an brewery (whether on the roof of a building in NYC) or on a farm with wastewater management concerns. Saint James is a NY State farm-licensed brewery, so they have a mission to reclaim as much of their water as possible. Eataly’s La Birreria has a commitment to green practices, as well, recycling some of their spent grains via bread and other bakery products at the store. The brewery is actually a collaboration space between Dogfish Head (DE) and two Italian breweries, Birra Del Borgo and Baladin.

Andy’s farmstand cheese stand hails from a family farm in Abruzzo, Italy. The sheep on his farm provide a beautiful milk that his family is famous for making for decades (Andy and his father went “back home again” about 15 years ago and wanted to bring the family farmstand products to the states).

The panel is pairing cheese with beer on the show (friend us on Untappd to drink with us, too!). The full episode can be heard here.

Also this week, we’re kicking off New York City Beer Week with a special live broadcast at noon on Friday (February 19th). Meet some of the brewers who will be making SMASH (State Malt and State Hops) beers for the week. Be sure to listen in live and join us next Wednesday at NYC Brewer’s Choice.

What you missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: LIC Beer Project and Mekelburg’s

BSR_020916_DamonLICIt’s Mardi Gras and the start of #LiquidLent, our annual challenge among several East Village Good Beer Seal bars to #DrinkLikeAMonth. We’re celebrating the season with host Jimmy Carbone and winter co-host Anne Becerra. We’re also looking forward to NYC Beer Week, as we welcome  Damon Oscarson and Daniel Acosta from LIC Beer Project.

Dan started out as a homebrewer who moved into the commercial realm when he discovered that he and Damon had very common interests in beer. Their vision was to put a new twist on old-world-inspired beers. He traveled around Europe and studied at the Siebel Institute in Chicago. They’re talking about how they hope to scale their brewery to get a hold on the market (and they’re the latest to add a cool ship – the first in NYC – mechanism to a brewery).

The panel also includes Alicia Mekelburg, owner of Mekelburg’s Fine Food and Craft Beers (Clinton Hill, Brooklyn), and her beer director, Eric Hall. Their tap room boasts 16 taps and playground for Eric (formerly of Bierkraft) in bringing some awesome beers to the bar. They’re talking food and beer pairings featuring Finback Brewing on March 2nd.

Find out what everyone is drinking (and friend us on Untappd to drink along with us!). Listen to the full episode here.

What you missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: The Sixpoint Show

SixpointShow_020216What a long strange trip it’s been! On this week’s episode of  Beer Sessions Radio™, we catch up with the team at Sixpoint from Red Hook, Brooklyn. Host Jimmy Carbone is joined by winter guest co-host Anne Becerra (Anne Likes Beer) as Jimmy reflects on the first time he had the Sixpoint Bengali IPA, one of the first beers he ever served at his pub, Jimmy’s No. 43.

They ask Sixpoint’s head brewer Danny Bruckert how he got started in beer (by way of a brew kit!) and how he went from self-taught brewer to the American Brewers Guild program to head brewer at Sixpoint.

Also in the studio are Shane Henderson and Brendan Cost from Southern Tier Brewing Co. (they were making a call at host location Roberta’s so we brought them in to talk about their SMASH beer that they’ll be serving up at NYC Brewer’s Choice).

The life of a brewer isn’t as romantic as some might dream, but the love of brewing keeps these NY State brewers innovating and making beers as part of a “masochistic hobby.” Hear about the technical aspects as well as the favorite styles of the panel.

You can listen to the full epsiode here. And be sure to friend us on Untappd (you can find us as Beer_Sessions_Radio and drink along with us!).