The Good Beer Seal Welcomes NYC Beer Week

NYCBeerWeek2015The Good Beer Seal bars welcome the return of NYC Beer Week (February 20th – March 1st). A beer with the Good Beer Seal logo displayed offers a superior drinking experience all year round, but during NYC Beer Week, you might be overwhelmed by the many daily events and where you should head to during the busiest week of the year for beer drinkers.

We’ve gathered some of our events for the next 10 days, so you can pick and choose among the best of the best of beer bars around the city (and don’t be afraid of New Jersey, one of our favorite NYC Beer Week events is the Bridge & Tunnel night at Barcade Jersey City). And be sure to check out the line-up of NYC Brewer’s Choice, the marquee event of NYC Beer Week with 40+ beer and 15+ chefs and food purveyors on Tuesday, February 24th at Sanders Studios in Clinton Hill Brooklyn.

Friday, February 20th – Opening Tap at 7 p.m.

Barcade Jersey City – Kane Overhead

Crescent and Vine – NYC Beer Week theme will be “Hoppier then Hell,” a week-long showcase of some of their favorite hoppy ales from NYC and beyond, with sought-after favorites from Other Half, Peekskill, Singlecut, Barrrier, Green Flash, Alpine and Maine Beer Co.

Glorietta Baldy – Braven Brewing White IPA

Jimmy’s No. 43 – Rocky Point Artisan Brewers’ American Brown Ale

Mugs Alehouse – KelSo Jameson Barrel Aged IPA (we hear brewer Kelly Taylor will drop by)

One Mile House – Daddy Warbuck$, the GBS bar’s collaboration brew with Barrier Brewing

Pacific Standard – Anchor California Lager

Rattle-n-Hum – Rate Beer 100 night (all their taps will pour beers with a 100-rating from Rate Beer)

St. Gambrinus – Kick Ass IPA Night (Bells Hopslam!, Maine Beer Co. Lunch, Barrier Rock & Roll DIPA,  Beanery Brewing (Dave Brodrick’s new venture)  Coffee IPA

Sunswick 35/35 – Captain Lawrence Frozen Flowers

Waterfront Ale House – KelSo Industrial IPA

Saturday, February 21st

Jimmy’s No. 43 – Josh Bernstein’s Third Annual Homebrew Jamboree

Saturday, February 21st

Jimmy’s No. 43 – Matt Coats Exhibition Party

Sunday, February 22nd

Jimmy’s No. 43 – Cicerone v. Cicerone: 5-beer + food pairing event with James Tai and Brendan Woodcock

St. Gambrinus – Yoga Beer Brunch

Monday, February 23rd

Jimmy’s No. 43 – Beer Sessions Radio Prix Fixe Rare Beer Dinner Featuring Chef Matt Garelick

Tuesday, February 24th

Beer Sessions Radio™ co-produces NYC Brewer’s Choice at Sanders Studios

Rattle-n-Hum – Carton Brewing Night & Meet the Brewer

Wednesday, February 25th

Glorietta Baldy – NY: The New Breed

Jimmy’s No. 43 – Beer & Spirits Night with Lew Bryson

Pacific Standard – Two Roads Brewing Night (ticketed)

Rattle-n-Hum – Rushing Duck Night & Meet the Brewer

Sunswick 35/35 – Trivia Sponsored by Captain Lawrence Brewing Co.

Thursday, February 26th

Barcade Jersey City – “Bridge & Tunnel Beer Night” featuring all breweries that are available in New Jersey but not New York

Jimmy’s No. 43 – Local Beer and Cheese Pairing Event with Consider Bardwell

Malt & Mold (LES) – Rockaway Brewing Night

Rattle-n-Hum – Parallel 49 Night & Meet the Brewer

St. Gambrinus – It’s a GRIMM Affair Meet the Brewers Night

Sunswick 35/35 – Bingo Sponsored by Captain Lawrence Brewing Co.

Friday, February 27th

Jimmy’s No. 43 – Very Special Keg Tap: Sahti from Finland

Malt & Mold (Gramercy) – Weyerbacher Brewery Night

Saturday, February 28th

Mugs Alehouse – Split Thy Skull XVI (Day 1)

Sunday, March 1st

Malt & Mold (Gramercy) – Sam Adams Brewing Event

Mugs Alehouse – Split Thy Skull XVI (Day 2)

St. Gambrinus – Spanish Craft Beer & Flamenco Fiesta Redux!

Bonus Episode of Beer Sessions Radio™: The Making of Sahti at OEC (B. United)

SahtiBottleTune in for a special episode of Beer Sessions Radio™ as Jimmy Carbone chats with Finnish brewer Pekka Kaariainen about Lammin Sahti Oy! Finnish Sahti is a truly ancient beer style, dating back thousands of years and not using hops. This means a quick fermenting process and genuine “drink by” beer. Dating back to the 1500s, this beer is still mostly produced near Helsinki in traditional sahti brewing equipment like open wooden mash tuns and troughlike wooden lauter tuns (Äúkuurnas‚Äù) with a filter bed made of juniper twigs (the juniper acts as the main preservative). Sahti is an all-malt beer (Pilsener or Pale malt, Crystal barley malt and dark rye malt) with Finnish Baker’s yeast that produces phenols and esters similar to those produced by the classic Bavarian wheat (weisse) beer yeast.

Pekka traveled to OEC (Ordinem Ecentrici Coctores – Order of the Eccentric Boilers) at B. United in Connecticut last month to brew with OEC Brewing brewmaster Ben Neidhart to create “a Sahti as fresh as possible at our facility and then release it to customers in as fresh a state as possible.” Everything in the OEC Sahti is authentic; even the baker’s yeast was imported from Finland.

IMG_2079Joining Pekka and Jimmy are George Flickinger and Michael )palenski of B. United, who talk about the snowed-in brew day they had.  Per Michael: “We served Steffi’s ‘Quinoa/Kamut’ bread fermented with wild yeast collected from our Zymatore barrels/horticultural area with a Sourdough pre-starter/mother starter}. Steffi only used sprouted quinoa grains she sprouted herself (i.e. soaked and dried on site). It was served with farmhouse salted butter.”

This was the first time Pekka ever brewed on a coolship + French Baudelot system, and you’ll be able to taste the results over the next week or two at Jimmy’s No. 43, Proletariat, The Cannibal, Torst, Gingerman and The Owl Farm (check back later in the week for our official “Sahti Tracker”).

IMG_2057Also at Jimmy’s No. 43 during this pre-record were brewers Chris Cuzme and Mary Izett (author of the up-coming book, Speed Brewing), who have lots of interesting technical questions (and offer up tips) about the brewing process of this unusual and amazing beer style.

You can see all the photos from the brewing day on our Facebook page. And listen to the full episode here.

What You Missed On Beer Sessions Radio™: Beer Agriculture and the Return of NYC Beer Week

NYCBeerWeek2015This week on Beer Sessions Radio, we’re gearing up for New York City Beer Week 2015 in February! Tune in and hear from Jimmy Ludwig of The Happy Hour Guys, Dietrich Gehring of Helderberg Hops Farm/Indian Ladder Farms, Dave Katleski of Empire Brewing, Anne Becerra of Anne Likes Beer, Linsey Ronchi of George Keeleys and Olivia Cerio of Empire Brewing! The crew chats about everything from collaborative beers to estate breweries and beer education. Tune in and get revved up for a celebration of beer in New York City!

Listen to the full episode here.

What You Missed On Beer Sessions Radio™: The New Breweries of Brooklyn

BravenBreweryWe’re living it up like Kings (County residents), as host Jimmy Carbone welcomes not one, not two, but three (as in Threes!) new Brooklyn-based breweries to this week’s episode of Beer Sessions Radio™. In the studio are Marshall Thompson and Eric Feldman (co-founders/contract brewers of Braven Brewing in Bushwick who just launched their beer on January 4th), Greg Doroski (formerly of Greenport Harbor) and Andrew Unterberg of Threes Brewing in Gowanus (333 Douglas Street) and Travis Kauffman of Folksbier Brewery (nano-brewery in Carroll Gardens).

How did Greg go from consulting to head brewer at Threes? What does it mean to be a community-based brewer? What are the unique challenges of brewing in Brooklyn?

Listen to the full episode here, and learn all about these new breweries, what it takes to open something new in Brooklyn, and what these brewers hope to accomplish in the future!

[Photo courtesy DNAInfo]

What You Missed On Beer Sessions Radio™: The New England Episode

TributaryBrewingIt’s another bonus session Beer Sessions Radio™, host Jimmy Carbone is taking the show on the road and hanging out with beer legends Tod Mott (legendary New England-based brewer who created the Harpoon IPA amongst other iconic brews) and Horst Dornbusch (an associate editor of the The Oxford Companion to Beer).

Tod is talking about his latest venture, Tributary Brewing, which recently opened in Kittery, Maine. Hear about what’s happening in the northeastern-most beer scene on this pre-recorded episode here.

What You Missed On Beer Sessions Radio™: The Technology of Beer

BSR_Logo_2015Think that making beer is just about the water, malt, yeast and hops? Think again! On Beer Sessions Radio™’s  first episode of 2015, host Jimmy Carbone greets the new year with a panel focused on how technology factors into the craft beer world. Jimmy is joined by Ed Berestecki of Mugs Alehouse, Augie Carton of Carton Brewing, Greg Avola (co-founder, CTO and lead developer at Untappd), Regan and Eric Stephens of Beer Menus, and Mark Young of BeerBoard and Bev Manager.

The app and website developers are providing a direct-to-consumer conduit for brewers who are using technology as part of a greater strategy to give customers what they want.

Augie Carton, for example, was an early adopter of Untappd (he started using the beer check-in ap in early 2011, before Carton Brewing opened). He says that as a brewer/owner, he uses Untappd to track where his beers are being served and how well (or poorly) a new beer is being received. If he notices that one of his beers is getting particularly poor reviews (“stars”) at a certain bar, he knows to investigate. Maybe it’s something to do with the draft lines, how the beer is being served, or how it’s being handled.

Listen in on all the latest technology in beer news here.

And with a new year comes a new logo (plus our sponsor is now going by their nom de guerre: Enjoy!