What You Missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: Spanish Beer, Distribution and Where To Drink Them

SpanishBeerThis week on Beer Sessions Radio™, host Jimmy Carbone welcomes back Jessica García-Agulló of Iberian Beer United to talk about how they went from a two-person team (Jessica and her husband Johnny Brilliant were doing everything from selecting the beers to importing them to distributing) to teaming with Remarkable Liquids (represented on the show by Matt Hartman). Jessica is looking forward to getting back to Spain in 2015 and meeting with new and existing brewers and catching up on the quickly evolving craft beer scene in Spain. She also brought back her Catalonian Caga Tió log to celebrate the season!

Matt talks about the genesis of Remarkable Liquids and how his business came about (with his business partner Spencer Noakes). Plus, Chris Balla, beverage director at Mile End Deli, talks about choosing beers for a busy retail establishment. The conversation touches on everything from distribution to food pairings. Learn about the beer scene in Spain, how self distributing works, what pairs best with Mile End cuisine and more!

Listen to this week’s episode here.

What You Missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: The Spiegelau Glass Show

SpiegelauShow1Is the vessel from which you drink your brew of any great importance? Well, on this week’s special bonus episode of Beer Sessions Radio™, host Jimmy Carbone tastes beer in specialty glasses courtesy of the Spiegelau Showroom in NYC. Spiegelau has teamed with Michigan’s Bell’s Brewing to create the perfect wheat/wit beer glass! Hear from Laura Bell and John Mallett of Bell’s Brewing, Matt Rutkowski of Spiegelau, and Beer Experts James Tai, Brendan Woodcock and Justin Phillips.

The full episode can be found here.

What You Missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: The Rhode Island Beer Show

FoolproofTake a trip to Rhode Island this week on Beer Sessions Radio™! Host Jimmy Carbone is joined by Rhode Island native Chris O’Leary, Zach Mack of ABC Beer Co., and Niko Krommydas, frequent guest and beer writer. The panel discusses how much the Rhode Island beer scene has grown in the past couple of years (now boasting 14 brewpubs/breweries) and its claim to being “the biggest little state in the union” (take that Delaware!).

Joining the panel on the phone are Rhode Island based home brewer Lamel Moore and Foolproof Brewing brewer Dammy Olsson. They all discuss the rising scene of craft beer in Rhode Island the general landscape of the small state, including its unique accent. Later in the show, Justin Kennedy briefly phones in to talk about Allagash’s coolship program (we hope to hear more about Justin’s brew day when he’s back in the studio). Plus surprise guests Sarah Annese and Giancarlo Annese stop by to promote the 2014 Holiday Book Market.

You can listen to this week’s full episode here.

Bidding Farewell to a Dear GBS Bar

DBAIt is with great sadness that we bid farewell to one of the founding Good Beer Seal bars: dba Brooklyn is closing today after five years of making Williamsburg more cool and less hip. Sadly, after the death of dba’s partners Ray Deter and Dennis Zentek, the Brooklyn craft beer haven became ripe for tenants looking to take over the space. As of now, there’s no word that dba Brooklyn will re-open in another location. We hope you’ll get a chance to drop by for one last pint today, and say goodbye to this establishment that truly embodied what it means to be a Good Beer Seal bar.

And on a happier note, dba in the East Village did find a new owner who has pledged to keep the bar “as is,” and we hope that we’ll be able to remember Ray and Dennis there.

What You Missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: The Westchester Beer Show

JonBloosteinPCHWe’re drinking NY for Thanksgiving, and we’re taking the show on the road as this week’s Beer Sessions Radio™ heads to Westchester County to record at Jon Bloostein’s latest venture, Portchester Hall. Joining the Heartland Brewery owner and host Jimmy Carbone are Joe Ciccidomini of Craftsman Ale House, Tim Reinke of Birdsall House, and Chris and Joe DeCicco of DeCicco Family Markets!

This week’s episode is all about beer outside of NYC – learn about the bar scene, the breweries, the trends and our northern neighbor’s community as the group talks about everything from holiday beer sales to serving up beer at family-friendly establishments. Take a ride on MetroNorth, and discover what we already know: Westchester is up and coming as a craft beer destination!

Listen to the full episode here.

What You Missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: From Homebrewer to Hop Farmer, From MA to AK

MarkHopsThis week on Beer Sessions Radio™, we’re playing degrees of separation, bringing the disparate worlds of Massachusetts and Alaska together by way of Staten Island and Roberta’s in Brooklyn (where we record). And for good measure, we’re bringing along a wine lover to our beer broadcast!

Host Jimmy Carbone is welcoming Mark Zappasodi – former NYC homebrewer – of The Malt Shed, a Massachusetts farm where he’s growing hops (cascade, centennial, nugget). Mark used to grow hops (on a much smaller scale) when he lived on Staten Island. There, he was close friends with Jason Bullen, Master Brewer of 49th State Brewing Company out on the final frontier: Alaska’s Denali Park (owing to weather, the brewpub is only open eight months of the year).

Continuing on our degrees of separation, we’ve got Amy Zavatto, who writes about wine and spirits for Imbibe Magazine, and who was first introduced to craft beer by Matt. Amy is chatting along with Cory Bonfiglio of Proletariat and Beer Street about the differences between wine and beer drinkers. Plus, Josh Richholt of The Well Brooklyn. chimes in on the importance of finding the vocabulary to talk about beer beyond “beer geeks” (Josh: “Wine people have the vocabulary that beer people don’t have”).

Josh also talks about the challenges involved in trying to open a large beer hall in the old Hiddleman Brewery built in 1875 (it took his team almost three years to bring the building up to code). The Meserole Street beer bar opened last week.

And of course, the group is drinking some great beer, including barley wine (the Alaska Barley Wine festival is in January) and wet hopped beers using hops from Matt’s farm. Catch the full episode here.