What You Missed On Beer Sessions Radio™: Fine Dining With Beer

BitterEstersTrainingTune in for a conversation on what happens when fine dining and beer combine on this week’s episode of Beer Sessions Radio™! Host Jimmy Carbone discusses Beer Education and Fine Dining in NYC and welcomes Alex Pfaffenbach, Dining Room Manager of the NoMad Restaurant; Augie Carton, owner of Carton Brewing; and John La Polla, owner of Bitter & Esters.

Alex and the NoMad crew wanted to teach about beer through the actual process of making beer; they made a holiday beer (a brown ale with cranberries and kaffir lime leaf) with John. The NoMad won a James Beard Award for best bar program, and Alex realizes that, “You can’t have world class cocktails and world class wine without world class beer,” which is why the staff takes beer education so seriously.

Augie talks about some of his secret ingredients in his beers (including smoked pineapple!) and why he cares about how his beers are served in bars around the city. He talks about how he focuses on flavor, making him an atypical brewer (he’s created a cornbeef and pickle beer). And hear the history of the “Duck & Decoy” at Eleven Madison Park.

Listen in on this “brain trust of beer” with the Trinity of service, educator and brewer and find out what makes beer a great fit for high end dining! Full episode here.

What You Missed On Beer Sessions Radio™: NY State Malt

maltDo you know the four ingredients that you need to make beer? Walter, malt, yeast and (usually) hops! Without the grains that go into your brew, you cannot have beer. Traditionally, getting malt locally has been a challenge. Even on those NY State farms that are growing their own barley, the malting is done off-site, sometimes in far flung places. This week on Beer Sessions Radio™, host Jimmy Carbone is celebrating the rise of malting in New York! Joining him is an all-star panel of guests including Adamo Fillipetti from Rochester’s Pioneer Malting, Andrea Stanley of Valley Malt, Chris Balla, Beverage Director of Mile End Deli, and Chris Sheena of Gun Hill Brewing Co.

Pioneer is making its niche in the malting market by doing small batch processing, which enables smaller craft brewers to take advantage of making beer with local grains (as was evident during last month’s NYC Brewer’s Choice). Listen in for a lively discussion about how this building block of beer factors in to brewing processes and the grown of malting in NY State.

Listen to this week’s full episode here.


What You Missed On Beer Sessions Radio™: Beer & Cheese Show

cheeseCelebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a great show about beer and cheese! This week on Beer Sessions Radio™, host Jimmy Carbone is joined by some great cheesemongers and beer makers, along with purveyors of both! From Shelton Brothers Imports, Joel Shelton teams with Alex Foschi of Im Fuchschen (an Altbier from Germany getting its NYC launch this week). They are joined by Lauren McDowell “Editor in Cheese” of Cheese Rank, a specialty cheese information website; Chris George of Cheese Journeys (a cheese tourism company); and Phoebe Connell of Lois (also manager at ABC Beer Co.).

Lauren offers up a three-cheese primer (noting, of course, that you want to pick your beer first!):

  • Cabot Clothbound (aged at Jasper Hill) – she calls this the ‘perfect beer cheese”
  • A fatty, sheep’s milk cheese from the Pyrenees region of France
  • A freshly made goat cheese to pair with a lighter beer

Listen in on this week’s episode for a full discussion of the various ways to pair beer and cheese and why beer is superior to other beverages when joining forces with cheese!

What You Missed On Beer Sessions Radio™: Clean Beer Here!

CleanBeerProject_SeanThe draught beer you’re drinking is only as good as the lines it flows through. While an afterthought when done right, every craft beer drinker knows the risks of drinking in a new haunt and waiting to taste that first sip of beer with trepidation.

Enter the Clean Beer Project.

This week on Beer Sessions Radio™, host Jimmy Carbone welcomes professional line cleaner Sean Lynch who launched his Clean Beer Project a year ago (after working professionally cleaning lines for three years). While geared at promoting his small business, the Clean Beer Project has loftier goals of making sure that bars are keeping their lines free of both organic residue and calcium deposits that can alter the taste of draught beer.

Unlike many states that require distributors to keep lines clean, NY State doesn’t require lines to be kept up. This means cleanliness is next to beer “goodliness”!

Alongside Jimmy and Sean are Lindsey Ronchi (Bar Manager of Bondurants); Patrick Donagher of Fool’s Gold, The Jeffrey, Alewife, among others; and Yvon Pasquarello from Bell’s Brewery.

What does it taste like when you drink from an unclean line? Buttery off-flavors, and a strong smell of Diacetyl (don’t worry if you can’t pronounce it, you’ll know it when you drink from a dirty line).

Patrick, whose establishments do cleaning in-house (going so far as taking apart their sinks on a regular basis) started cleaning lines as a young boy in his father’s pub (the Jeffrey currently cleans its lines about 100 times per week with every keg change). He’s also working on a NYC Beer Trail as a guideline for “go to” beer locations in NY State (and locally, of course, you have the Good Beer Seal!).

Sean uses a special soap to clean lines daily (of organic build-up) and a phospheric acid to clean every six months (to remove what’s known as “beer stone,” a calcium build-up). Yvon speaks to the importance of not letting down your brewers, who make every effort to get beers to the retailer in the best shape possible. Lindsey offers tips how to determine if a bar is using good practices in keeping their equipment clean.

And the panel discusses a recent Men’s Journal article about Best Bar Behavior and pet peeves. Hear what the panel has to say about hospitality on both ends as career and patron.

You can listen to the full episode here (and you might not want to eat – or drink draught from a strange bar – while listening… an important episode for beer drinkers and purveyors alike!).

What You Missed On Beer Sessions Radio™: Bronx Beer Show

IMG_00002086It’s another great episode of Beer Sessions Radio™ as we record up at The Bronx Brewery in honor of NYC Beer Week. Co-owners Damian Brown and Chris Gallant discuss their four-year journey from starting to brew to opening a brewery and tasting room in the city’s “proudest borough.” How hard is it to launch a physical brewery? What was the journey of Bronx to get to this milestone?

Joining them and host Jimmy Carbone is a veritable Who’s Who of the Bronx: James Langstine of the Bronx Ale House (the first bar in the Bronx to be awarded a Good Beer Seal) talks about how the Bronx has evolved to become more of a beer destination. Anthony and Paul Ramirez join in from Bronx Beer Hall (located in the “Real Little Italy” on Arthur Avenue). Plus David Lopez of Gun Hill Brewing is on the panel, talking up their many events scheduled for NYC Beer Week.

Hear about everything from touring a malting house to the history of the Bronx in the food and beverage industry to the local ingredients the brewers are using in their beers.

Listen to the full episode here.

The Good Beer Seal Welcomes NYC Beer Week

NYCBeerWeek2015The Good Beer Seal bars welcome the return of NYC Beer Week (February 20th – March 1st). A beer with the Good Beer Seal logo displayed offers a superior drinking experience all year round, but during NYC Beer Week, you might be overwhelmed by the many daily events and where you should head to during the busiest week of the year for beer drinkers.

We’ve gathered some of our events for the next 10 days, so you can pick and choose among the best of the best of beer bars around the city (and don’t be afraid of New Jersey, one of our favorite NYC Beer Week events is the Bridge & Tunnel night at Barcade Jersey City). And be sure to check out the line-up of NYC Brewer’s Choice, the marquee event of NYC Beer Week with 40+ beer and 15+ chefs and food purveyors on Tuesday, February 24th at Sanders Studios in Clinton Hill Brooklyn.

Friday, February 20th – Opening Tap at 7 p.m.

Barcade Jersey City – Kane Overhead

Crescent and Vine – NYC Beer Week theme will be “Hoppier then Hell,” a week-long showcase of some of their favorite hoppy ales from NYC and beyond, with sought-after favorites from Other Half, Peekskill, Singlecut, Barrrier, Green Flash, Alpine and Maine Beer Co.

Glorietta Baldy – Braven Brewing White IPA

Jimmy’s No. 43 – Rocky Point Artisan Brewers’ American Brown Ale

Mugs Alehouse – KelSo Jameson Barrel Aged IPA (we hear brewer Kelly Taylor will drop by)

One Mile House – Daddy Warbuck$, the GBS bar’s collaboration brew with Barrier Brewing

Pacific Standard – Anchor California Lager

Rattle-n-Hum – Rate Beer 100 night (all their taps will pour beers with a 100-rating from Rate Beer)

St. Gambrinus – Kick Ass IPA Night (Bells Hopslam!, Maine Beer Co. Lunch, Barrier Rock & Roll DIPA,  Beanery Brewing (Dave Brodrick’s new venture)  Coffee IPA

Sunswick 35/35 – Captain Lawrence Frozen Flowers

Waterfront Ale House – KelSo Industrial IPA

Saturday, February 21st

Jimmy’s No. 43 – Josh Bernstein’s Third Annual Homebrew Jamboree

Saturday, February 21st

Jimmy’s No. 43 – Matt Coats Exhibition Party

Sunday, February 22nd

Jimmy’s No. 43 – Cicerone v. Cicerone: 5-beer + food pairing event with James Tai and Brendan Woodcock

St. Gambrinus – Yoga Beer Brunch

Monday, February 23rd

Jimmy’s No. 43 – Beer Sessions Radio Prix Fixe Rare Beer Dinner Featuring Chef Matt Garelick

Tuesday, February 24th

Beer Sessions Radio™ co-produces NYC Brewer’s Choice at Sanders Studios

Rattle-n-Hum – Carton Brewing Night & Meet the Brewer

Wednesday, February 25th

Glorietta Baldy – NY: The New Breed

Jimmy’s No. 43 – Beer & Spirits Night with Lew Bryson

Pacific Standard – Two Roads Brewing Night (ticketed)

Rattle-n-Hum – Rushing Duck Night & Meet the Brewer

Sunswick 35/35 – Trivia Sponsored by Captain Lawrence Brewing Co.

Thursday, February 26th

Barcade Jersey City – “Bridge & Tunnel Beer Night” featuring all breweries that are available in New Jersey but not New York

Jimmy’s No. 43 – Local Beer and Cheese Pairing Event with Consider Bardwell

Malt & Mold (LES) – Rockaway Brewing Night

Rattle-n-Hum – Parallel 49 Night & Meet the Brewer

St. Gambrinus – It’s a GRIMM Affair Meet the Brewers Night

Sunswick 35/35 – Bingo Sponsored by Captain Lawrence Brewing Co.

Friday, February 27th

Jimmy’s No. 43 – Very Special Keg Tap: Sahti from Finland

Malt & Mold (Gramercy) – Weyerbacher Brewery Night

Saturday, February 28th

Mugs Alehouse – Split Thy Skull XVI (Day 1)

Sunday, March 1st

Malt & Mold (Gramercy) – Sam Adams Brewing Event

Mugs Alehouse – Split Thy Skull XVI (Day 2)

St. Gambrinus – Spanish Craft Beer & Flamenco Fiesta Redux!