What You Missed On Beer Sessions Radio™: Great South Bay Brewery and Craft Beer Long Island

NIKO_WEISSELast year the Good Beer Seal welcomed Long Island into the fold, an on this episode of Beer Sessions Radio™ on the Heritage Radio Network, host Jimmy Carbone welcomes COO Phil Ebel and assistant brewer Mike Peterson of Great South Bay Brewery. They’re talking about launching a brewery on Long Island and how a doctor went to being a professional brewer (founder Rick Sobotka is also an anesthesiologist). They talk about the difficulties of self distribution and growing their business in the city and beyond. Long Island beer writer Niko Krommydas recently collaborated with the brewery, and his “Niko Weisse” is now offered at several GBS Bars (including Jimmy’s No. 43).

Plus, “Pioneer” Ed Berestecki of Mugs Alehouse talks about having 22 years of Sierra Nevada on tap (Jan Apanich is in the studio representing the west coast brewery) and the stalwart beers that remain house staples. With 32 draft lines, Mugs Alehouse has the ability to keep the traditional while bringing in many new beers that “push the envelope.” As Ed says, “People can explore, but they also can fall back on a favorite.” Mugs is one of the first stops on the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Tour, with 12 beers brewed by Sierra Nevada and various brewers ranging from 3Floyds to Victory Brewing. They’re doing a seven-city beer festival leading up to the grand opening of their East Coast brewery expansion on August 1st.

Listen to the full episode here.



What You Missed On Beer Sessions Radio™: The Evolution Of B. United

BUnitedTankBeer Sessions Radio™ host Jimmy Cabone recently traveled to Oxford, CT, for a personal tour of B. United’s latest venture: a brewery called OEC (Ordinem Ecentrici Coctores). Joined by Jon Lundbom, B.United mastermind Matthias Neidhart, and OEC’s brewmaster Ben Neidhart, the Beer Sessions team samples some of the brewery’s best offerings, plus discusses the nearly-inevitable evolution of B. United from pure importer into craft brewery.

From importer to finisher to brewer, B. United has established itself as one of the country’s renowned beer curators. Among our favorite breweries they work with are Hitachino (we were there when the tanker pulled up; yes, we did sample from it!) and Swiss Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes (BFM), but B. United decided to launch their own brand about three months ago. They built an authentic copper coolship (making them one of a handful of breweries in the country with a coolship) and they are growing many of the ingredients they use in the beer for optimal freshness. As Matthias notes, “The best way to bring in the highest quality beers is to have complete control of our conditioning.” Many of their spices, for example, are added to the beer within 20 minutes of harvest.

Hear all about the new venture on this week’s (pre-taped) Episode #220.

What You Missed On Beer Sessions Radio™: Hoppy Belgians And Rustic Brewing

ciceronelogoThis week on Beer Sessions Radio™, host Jimmy Carbone is talking hoppy Belgian beers with certified Cicerone® Brendan Woodcock, who lends his tasting expertise as practice for his upcoming Master Cicerone® test (and we wish him the best of luck!) Pour for Brendan’s discerning palate are Dan Leeman and Shahan Stepanian from Global Imports, along with Nathan Hukill from Bitter Old Fecker Rustic Ales in Michigan and Fool’s Gold bar owner, Patrick Donagher.

Brendan talks through the various stages of testing in the premiere beer education certification. He notes that the Cicerone® Server (i.e. first level) test is mostly exploratory, whereas the Certified (second level) test is more about “knowing what you don’t know.” He’s in the process of learning all that he didn’t already know and provides context for the hop styles of traditional Belgian ales. The group discusses the merits of Belgians as varied as Poperings Hommel Bier and Taras Bulba. They also discuss how American craft beer is changing the way Belgium looks at beer, particularly when it comes to hops profiles. Whereas Belgian hoppy ales are typically all about balance, the out-of-whack bitter “hop bombs” of American IPAs are definitely impacting what European drinkers expect in a hoppy beer.

Plus Nathan discusses his family’s rich history in making beer (and hootch – his grandparents were bootleggers during Prohibition) in an historical setting. He’s using old-world techniques to produce rustic beers (currently not available in the NYC market, boo hoo!). And Patrick discusses the challenges of juggling multiple bars in NYC (he also is an owner of Alewife and Rattle ‘n Hum).

Listen to the full episode here.

What You Missed Beer Sessions Radio™: The Good Beer Seal Goes (Inter)National


Hanging at the Three Penny in Montpelier, VT.

On a very special episode of Beer Sessions Radio™ on the Heritage Radio Network, host Jimmy Carbone welcomes back to the show Good Beer Seal co-founder and Blind Tiger owner Dave Brodrick. Jimmy is announcing a July Good Beer Month preview: The Good Beer Seal is expanding to Vermont and Toronto!

Dave talks about taking a tour along the “IPA Highway” (route 89) recommending a pub tour beginning in Brattleboro, VT:

  • Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery to
  • Dave’s Worthy Burger in Woodstock, VT, to
  • Three Penny and Positive Pie in Montpelier, VT, to
  • Prohibition Pig and Blackback Pub in Waterbury, VT, ending at
  • Farmhouse Bar & Grille in Middlebury, VT

Will any of these great establishments be awarded the Good Beer Seal? You’ll find out in July! In the meantime, Dave talks about what makes a bar a Good Beer Seal bar: Great beer, building relationships with brewers and importers, and having knowledgeable and educated staff.

Dave and Jimmy are also taking the Good Beer Seal international to Toronto, and Tomas Morana of Bar Volo weighs in on the Toronto craft beer scene, which has grown dramatically in the past five years. Both Tomas and Dave talk about how educating customers is a key part of building a craft beer bar. Tomas and his parents went so far as to launch their own import company to get around the highly regulated beer business in Ontario.

The group is talking about summer beer festivals, including Coney Island On Tap, which will take place at the Cyclones’ Stadium in Coney Island. Dave mentions Vermont Brewers Festival (“which sells out in 90 seconds”) and Pub House Jam in Bolton Valley (Labor Day weekend). Tomas and his family began Cask Days in 2005 with 20 firkins of questionable quality. The 2013 Cask Days had expanded to more than 250 firkins from across Canada and the U.K. This year’s Cask Days will run October 24-26.

Plus, Brandon Carter, Executive Chef of The Inn at Palmetto Bluff in Hilton Head, SC, talks food and his favorite foods (including oysters) and the beer pairing menus he’s curated at his restaurant (and his exploration of the Brooklyn restaurant scene while he’s in town). He and Jimmy are talking gumbo and “southern” beers. Don’t leave before you try the buttermilk fried chicken.

We’re pairing beers and drinking, too! It’s another great episode of Beer Sessions, so bring your favorite brew and listen in (here).



What You Missed Beer Sessions Radio™: Belgian Beer & The Carnivore’s Manifesto

Dominique_AlexBelgian beer and heritage meat: Is there a better pairing for a Tuesday afternoon on radio? Tune into an especially fun episode of Beer Sessions Radio (here) as host Jimmy Carbone is joined by Dominique Friart of Brasserie St. Feuillien, a brewery in Le Roeulx, Belgium. They’re taking NYC by storm!

Plus the authors of The Carnivore’s Manifesto: Eating Well, Eating Responsibly, and Eating Meat, Patrick Martins and Mike Edison are in the studio to pair meat with Belgian beers. The book features fifty ways to be an enlightened carnivore, while taking better care of our planet and ourselves. The crew discusses the true meaning of taste and drink a whole bunch of delicious Belgian beers on air.

What You Missed Beer Sessions Radio™: Allagash Coolshipping, Naparbier from Spain


The Naparbier team with Shelton Brothers and host Jimmy Carbone at a recent beer tasting at Jimmy’s No. 43

This week on Beer Sessions Radio™ on the Heritage Radio Network, host Jimmy Carbone welcomes an eclectic (and international) group. Locally, Niko Krommydas talks about the Craft Beer NY ap, “an all-encompassing beer guide for the beer geek in New York City.” The international contingent comes by way of Juan and Alfredo Rodriguez and Sven Bosch of Naparbier, who are doing a North American tour that includes bar visits, tastings and collaboration brewing. They’re joined by B.R. Rolya of Shelton Brothers Imports.

Jason Perkins, Brewmaster at Allagash, calls in from Belgium’s Night of the Great Thirst, an all-lambic beer festival outside of Brussels. It’s a bottle event that has nothing but spontaneously fermented beers. The festival was started as a response to legal restrictions on lambic beers in Belgium in an effort to save cool shipping (Allagash Brewing was the first brewery in the U.S. to add a traditional coolship to their facility in Maine). Allagash wanted to see if they could replicate the wild beer and spontaneous fermentation that was previously exclusive to the Belgium region. Jason also talks about the new tasting room at their Portland brewery, and the thriving craft beer scene happening in the state.

The time it takes to create wild beers precludes mass production, but the panel discusses their love of sour beers, such as the Cantillon Gueuze.

Sven talks about his Spanish brewery’s journey from launching five years ago with two beers to their current 14-beer portfolio, which includes a barreling system. He discusses the challenges of making beer in a country with a strong wine heritage. And B.R. reveals the secrets of how brewers decide to collaborate (hint: hit up the festival circuit). You can hear the entire episode here.