What you missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: LIC Beer Project and Mekelburg’s

BSR_020916_DamonLICIt’s Mardi Gras and the start of #LiquidLent, our annual challenge among several East Village Good Beer Seal bars to #DrinkLikeAMonth. We’re celebrating the season with host Jimmy Carbone and winter co-host Anne Becerra. We’re also looking forward to NYC Beer Week, as we welcome  Damon Oscarson and Daniel Acosta from LIC Beer Project.

Dan started out as a homebrewer who moved into the commercial realm when he discovered that he and Damon had very common interests in beer. Their vision was to put a new twist on old-world-inspired beers. He traveled around Europe and studied at the Siebel Institute in Chicago. They’re talking about how they hope to scale their brewery to get a hold on the market (and they’re the latest to add a cool ship – the first in NYC – mechanism to a brewery).

The panel also includes Alicia Mekelburg, owner of Mekelburg’s Fine Food and Craft Beers (Clinton Hill, Brooklyn), and her beer director, Eric Hall. Their tap room boasts 16 taps and playground for Eric (formerly of Bierkraft) in bringing some awesome beers to the bar. They’re talking food and beer pairings featuring Finback Brewing on March 2nd.

Find out what everyone is drinking (and friend us on Untappd to drink along with us!). Listen to the full episode here.

What you missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: The Sixpoint Show

SixpointShow_020216What a long strange trip it’s been! On this week’s episode of  Beer Sessions Radio™, we catch up with the team at Sixpoint from Red Hook, Brooklyn. Host Jimmy Carbone is joined by winter guest co-host Anne Becerra (Anne Likes Beer) as Jimmy reflects on the first time he had the Sixpoint Bengali IPA, one of the first beers he ever served at his pub, Jimmy’s No. 43.

They ask Sixpoint’s head brewer Danny Bruckert how he got started in beer (by way of a brew kit!) and how he went from self-taught brewer to the American Brewers Guild program to head brewer at Sixpoint.

Also in the studio are Shane Henderson and Brendan Cost from Southern Tier Brewing Co. (they were making a call at host location Roberta’s so we brought them in to talk about their SMASH beer that they’ll be serving up at NYC Brewer’s Choice).

The life of a brewer isn’t as romantic as some might dream, but the love of brewing keeps these NY State brewers innovating and making beers as part of a “masochistic hobby.” Hear about the technical aspects as well as the favorite styles of the panel.

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What you missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: The Boston Beer Scene

BostonBeerShowListeners may be unaware, but Beer Sessions Radio™ host Jimmy Carbone hails from Massachusetts. On this week’s pre-record (from the week prior), Jimmy takes some time away from family cheer to visit Aeronaut Brewing in Somerville, MA, where he’s meeting with some very cool Beantown beer folks, including Andy Crouch of Beer Scribe, Suzanne Schalow of Craft Beer Cellar, beer writer Will Gordon and Dan Rassi of Aeronaut Brewing. Together they all chat about the Boston craft beer scene, regional specialties, draft line cleanliness and more!

So where does our panel of experts hang out to grab a great craft beer? IN addition to “the closest brewery to my house,” they’re choosing Cambridge Brewing Company in Kendall Square, which has a growing barrel program, and Mystic Brewery in Chelsea, where they have their own house yeast strain and are making truly unique beers.

Suzanne is franchising her store and is currently in 11 states (with 8 stores in Boston), Florida (Tampa) and Montana (Bozeman) and California. Her goal is to get in every state.

Andy talks about making his mark as a beer writer and the rise of Beer Advocate and the early days of the Boston beer scene. Will chimes in on the perils of becoming a beer writer and the course of his writing career and his “true evil nature.”

So pull up a chair, pour your favorite New England brew, and listen in to the full episode here.

Peace & Happy: Beer Sessions Radio™ Looks Back on Another Great Year

TwoRoads1As 2015 draws to a close, it’s time for a look back on the year that was! Beer Sessions Radio™ celebrated a couple of milestones this year: our fifth year on the air and our 300th episode. We added some seasonal guest co-hosts (Beer Advocate editor and author Ben Keene sat in over the summer, while Brooklyn Beer Shop’s Stephen Valand joined host Jimmy Carbone in the studio this fall) and welcomed back old friends (Ed Berestecki, Steve Wood), while looking out for first-time renowned guests (Jeff Alworth, Sierra Nevada’s Ken Grossman). We saw our host, Heritage Radio Network (still time to donate to their year-end drive), go through a major website revision, all while our listenership increased via multiple streaming services.

We thank you, our listeners, and look forward to bringing you the best in beer podcasts in 2016. For now, sit back and listen (or re-listen) to ten of our favorite episodes from 2015.

Tod Mott & Horst Dornbusch (Episode 248 – airdate: January 9th)

It’s always good to start the new year off with a bang, and we had two episodes our first week of 2015, including  this episode that introduced our audience to the famed New England brewer Tod Mott. Recorded in The Oxford Companion to Beer’s co-editor Horst Dornbusch’s home, Tod walks us through the recent history of the New England beer scene upon the launch of his new brewery, Tributary Brewing, in Maine.

Listen to the full episode here.

Lammin Sahti Oy! (Episode 254 – air date: February 14th)

In another off-site recorded episode, Finnish brewer Pekka Kaariainen is sharing his Lammin Sahti Oy! Imported by B. United (where the episode was recorded), this Finnish Sahti is a truly ancient beer style, dating back thousands of years, predating hops. We learn all about quick fermented beers in this outing of Beer Sessions Radio™.

Listen to the full episode here.

Live from Two Roads (Episode 267 – airdate: April 27th)

Maybe we just loved taking the show on the road, because this off-site episode was one of our favorites of the year! We hung out with Phil Markowski, owner and brewmaster, owner of the largest brewery in Connecticut, Two Roads Brewing Co.. Phil and his team literally have decades of beer brewing experience, and the Stratford, CT, facility is one of the most impressive breweries we’ve ever seen.

Listen to the full episode here.

Queens Beer Week (Episode 268 – airdate: April 28th)

In celebration of the 2nd Annual Queens Beer Week, Jimmy welcomes some of the borough’s beer movers and shakers as he is joined by Queens Beer Week founder Daniel Bronson, Edible Queens contributing editor Alia Akkam and brewers Anthony Accardi (Transmitter Brewing) and Mike Anzalone (Singlecut Beersmiths).

Listen to the full episode here.

Irish Cider Sessions (Episode 271 – airdate: May 15th)

We had more “Cider Sessions” this year than ever before, but this one was unique as we welcomed Simon Tyrell of Craigies Ciders and Olan McNeece of Dan Kelly’s Irish Cider, along with some of our frequent cider guests that listeners have come to know and love. Who knew that Irish cider was it’s own beverage? Simon and Olan bring us up to speed on what the Emerald Isle does with apples!

Listen to the full episode here.

Feeding the Fire (Episode 280 – airdate: July 7th)

One of the city’s best restaurateurs and Good Beer Seal bar owner Joe Carroll joins Beer Sessions Radio™ to discuss barbecue and his new BBQ cookbook, Feeding the Fire. It’s the perfect mid-summer show, just as we want to pull out a cold one and heat up the grill!

Listen to the full episode here.

All About Hops (Episode 284 – airdate: August 4th)

New York State was the world leader in hops production, and on this week’s show, Jimmy welcomes John Segal, a descendant of one of the state’s founding hops farming fathers. This is the episode no “hop head” will want to miss!

Listen to the full episode here.

Cider Sessions: American Fine Cider (Episode 286 – record date: April 2015; air date: May 15th)

Recorded at Jimmy’s No. 43, this week’s episode welcomes two great cider makers, Louisa (Lulu) Spencer of Farnum Hill Ciders and Field Maloney, a second-generation cider maker at West County Cider. They talk about what makes a great cider truly extraordinary, and why cider is truly an American beverage.

Listen to the full episode here.

Christian DeBenedetti and Oregon Brewers (Episode 292 – airdate: October 13th)

Although Beer Sessions Radio™ is based in NYC, we enjoy bringing the world of beer to the airwaves. Christian DeBenedetti and Andrea Slonecker join us to discuss their new cookbook, Beer Bites,  which features 65 globe-roaming and simple recipes with recommendations of beer styles and widely available must-try brews for each dish. They are joined by brewers from what is arguably the best beer town in America, Portland, OR.

Listen to the full episode here.

Garrett Oliver’s Greatest Beer Hits (Episode 303 – airdate: December 1st)

While hardly his first time on the show, the Brooklyn Brewery brewmaster is always one to entertain. We enjoyed hearing his “best of” choices from hats to entertainment to foreign breweries to, of course, beer!

Listen to the full episode here.

We wish you peace and happiness and a very happy new year. See you in 2016!





What you missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: Garrett Oliver’s Greatest Beer Hits

NYCBrewersChoiceWhile not a stranger to the show, this week’s main guest on Beer Sessions Radio™ is none other that Brooklyn Brewery’s brewmaster himself, Garrett Oliver. Widely known for his debonair personal style, his elegant lectures on the history of beer and the art of brewing, his extensive knowledge of movies and literature and his two hats (we love them both), Garrett regales us with his beer tales this week as we welcome him back home (we record in Brooklyn) for this very special episode.

The first brewer ever to win a James Beard Award (2014 – Outstanding Wine, Beer, or Spirits Professional), Garrett is also the editor-in-chief of The Oxford Companion to Beer and author of The Brewmaster’s Table. and winner of the 2014 James Beard Award for Excellent Wine, Beer or Spirits Professional.

Get a preview on the new Brooklyn Brewery recipe on an Old Fashion (Improved Old Fashion) and also an update on the brewery’s presence in Sweden (and how it differs from making beer in the US).

Also in the studio are Anne Becerra (Blind Tiger), Stephen Valand (Brooklyn Brew Shop) and Kyle Kensrue (Randolph Beer).

Listen to the full episode here.

What you missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: Our 300th Episode!

RevNatCiderIn the words of the late Jerry Garcia, what a long strange trip it’s been! Beer Sessions Radio™ is the longest running show on Heritage Radio Network and we’re celebrating cider on our 300th episode. Host Jimmy Carbone welcomes a full studio, including guest co-host Stephen Valand (as co-founder of Brooklyn Brew Shop, Stephen has included a cider-making kit in his lineup of beer making kits).

Eric West of Cider Guide starts the Cider Session with perry from Farnum Hill (one of our favorite cider makers!) and discusses his national newsletter and annual cider festival in Grand Rapids, MI.

Also in the studio are Yoni Rabino of Neversink Spirits, Jade Brown-Godfrey of Wassail, Bianca Miraglia of Uncouth Vermouth, and Darlene Hayes of All Into Cider.

Darlene is in town as part of her book tour for Cider Cocktails: Another Bite of the Apple, and the panel is sampling cider cocktails on the show. Fruit-based spirits are a new entry to the potent potables world.

The panel talks about the great new and emerging ciders in Massachusetts, Finger Lakes and the Pacific Northwest. Hear about the latest cider trends (all-crab-apple cider!) and the small-batch ciders that are tempting us this week! Listen to the full episode here.

And be sure to check out all the cider-related programming on Heritage Radio Network celebrating Cider Week NYC 2015.