What You Missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: Beer Trademarks, GABF

GABF2014_2This week on Beer Sessions Radio™, host Jimmy Carbone is discussing Queens-based brewing, the Great American Beer Festival, and beer trademarks! Frequent guest, Tony Forder from Ale Street News has just returned from this year’s GABF and gives us the annual festival wrap-up. Basil Lee and Kevin Stafford from Queens’ Finback Brewery talk about their self-distribution model, and how their brewery’s name had to change due copyright law.

The panel is rounded out by Brendan Palfreyman, a trademark lawyer, who joins the discussion to lend his advice to brewers having similar problems to Basil and Kevin. Learn about Finback’s roots in homebrewing, and how farm brewery licensing has been benefiting brewers upstate. Has beer nomenclature gotten out of control? Find out more listening to the whole episode here!

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