2019 Events

Brisket King NYC™

brisket king nyc 2019

Brisket King of NYC returns for its 8th year , April 10, 2019 to Brooklyn. More on Brisketking.com or  Tickets Here

  • 20 chefs, pitmasters
  • All inclusive craft beer, hard cider, spirits.
  • Special VIP tables with 5pm VIP access available.

Pig Island 2019

Save the date: Saturday September 7th, 2019. 10th Annual Pig Island NYC is back. More info at PigIsland.com or buy tickets for 2019.

11th Annual Cassoulet Cookoff

Saturday, January 26th , 2019, from 1 -4p.m., pop up location in Brooklyn, at Biba of williamsburg . Larger venue, more food, all inclusive, plus craft beer, cider, wine, spirits. Full Details and ticket info …

Event Press
This French dish is so delicious, it has its own festival. 
NY Post Article
“Cassoulet, to quote Julia Child, may be everyday fare for a peasant, but it’s “ambrosia for a gastronome.” And in midwinter, there’s very little that’s as satisfying, as comforting or as warming as this French bean stew, slow-cooked with lots of fat and hunks of meat and a carrot or two.” -NY Post

Magic Beans
The New Yorker

French Morning 
(article in French)

Celebrate 10 years of the Good Beer Seal on July 18th

JULY 18 2018


The NYC Brewer’s Choice was created in 2010 to help boost NYC Beer Week as it was first getting started. I have decided for its 8th year, to move NYC Brewer’s Choice to July for the 10th annual Good Beer Month and the Good Beer Seal Awards. I hope this will open up the event to more collaborations. A special host committee of brewers , experts, and bar owners is choosing 20 of their favorite breweries, to be matched with 15 chefs, food tables. more info soom. all inclusive tickets on sale see below.


Jimmy Carbone

Host of Beer Sessions Radio

Founder of NYC Brewer’s Choice



Welcome to the Ninth Annual July is Good Beer Month!

MainJGBMlogoThe Good Beer Seal is excited to welcome craft beer lovers around the city for the ninth annual July is Good Beer Month. When we launched the Good Beer Seal nine years ago with other great local bars (Blind Tiger, DBA, Burp Castle, Bar Great Harry and Jimmy’s No. 43), it was as a response to the very first NY Craft Beer Week, which was established to honor the various local and regional beers and brewers. But we knew that it was great beer bars that were responsible for bringing craft beer to the public, and great bars deserved their own celebration. Now, as many craft beer lovers flock to the brewery tasting rooms that have grown as the craft beer movement has, we still want to shout our appreciation for the great beer bars that continue to lead this craft beer renaissance.

It has been an amazing journey for us as part of the Good Beer Seal. For our first five years, Mayor Bloomberg declared that July is Good Beer Month, and this annual, month-long festival celebrates local establishments, our communities and the good beer our GBS bars serve. Through special offers, media outreach and special events, July is Good Beer Month is endorsed by city leaders and prominent figures in the beer scene.

This year’s calendar will include:

  • The return of Edible’s Good Beer at 28 Liberty on July 20th where we will confer the 2017 Good Beer Seal Awards
  • Hops & Hot Sauce: a 101-style guided tasting pairing – what else? – beer and hot sauce (tickets/info here)
  • The Craft Beer Jam at WNYC’s The Greene Space with Beer Sessions Radio™ host Jimmy Carbone returns on July 19th as beer luminaries gather to discuss (and drink) with a live audience – guests will include Jeff O’Neil of Industrial Arts and John Segal of Segal (Hop) Ranch
  • Special episodes of Beer Sessions Radio on July 11th, 18th and 25th - All shows will feature live tastings immediately after the show with the radio guests each Tuesday at 7PM at Pine Box Rock Shop
  • The return of Food Karma Feasts at the Farm on Kent, July 27th
  • We will once again be participating in the annual Good Beer Passport

July Good Beer Month is the one time when we focus on the craft beer bars and their owners, all of us who work tirelessly to bring excellence to our industry and to support our individual communities.

We welcome you to be an active part of this year’s month of great beer bars and the Beer Pioneers who bring craft beer to the city every day of the year.

NYC Brewer’s Choice Brings Upstate-Downstate Collaboration To Annual Beer Week Event

DSC_1326It’s a collaboration fitting for the Country Mouse and City Mouse, as NYC Brewer’s Choice returns to NYC Beer Week on Wednesday, March 1st (tickets are on sale here). Among the many features of this year’s event are SMASH (State Malt and State Hop) beers that several brewers are collaborating on.

We recently sat down with Jesse Ferguson, Founder and Brewmaster/Distiller at Interboro Spirits and Ales in Williamsburg, and Stuart Morris, owner of Indian Ladder Farmstead Cidery &  Brewery near Albany, who are teaming together to bring their collaboration beer to NYC Brewer’s Choice.

In a recent interview, they discussed the process of working together.

GBS: What style of beer will you be making and what are the the grains you’ll be sourcing locally?

Jesse, Interboro: We’re going to brew an American Pale Ale.  We’re going to be working with Synergy base malt, malted oats and wheat. The hops will be Cascade, Chinook, Centennial and Nugget.

Stuart, Indian Ladder Farmstead: The 2-row Synergy malt barley and all hops are grown at Indian Ladder Farmstead in Altamont, NY. The barley is then malted at Hudson Valley Malt in Germantown, NY, and our hops are pelletized at Northern Eagle in Oneonta, NY.

GBS: What brought Interboro and Indian Ladder together to do collaboration brewing? Have you collaborated previously?

Jesse: We met while I was brewing at Other Half.  I reached out to them originally about sourcing cider that I could distill into apple brandy here at Interboro.  They let me know the hops and malts that they had available, and I jumped at the chance to brew with them with NY State-grown raw materials.  That was for our colaboration, Tastes Like Upstate, which was a malty harvest ale.

GBS: What makes Brewer’s Choice special for you as a participant, especially as compared with the “festival” style beer events throughout the city?

Jesse: I enjoy Brewer’s Choice because it’s a good opportunity to see a lot of my friends and family in the NY brewing community all in one place, share some of my freshest beers and taste what they’re all up to.

GBS: What would you suggest as a favorite food pairing with this beer you’re making together?

Jesse: I’d say this should go nicely with a burger, a pizza, Thai or other Asian cuisine.  Anything that’s a little spicy and a bit greasy – the hop bitterness will cleanse the palate – and the clean dry finish will leave you ready for another bite.

We can’t wait to try this beer at NYC Brewer’s Choice! For a full list of this years brewers and food purveyors, visit the NYC Brewer’s Choice website.




Anything else you’d like to add?

Peace & Happy: The Best of 2016 on Beer Sessions Radio™

DSC_1341It was the best of times, it was the… well.. better of times! All in all, we had a great year over at Beer Sessions Radio™, with more episodes than ever (62, including next Tuesday’s pre-record) and some of the best podcast rankings in the country!  Another milestone: We literally took Beer Sessions Radio™ on the road as part of a grant-funded series where we visited farms, breweries and farm-breweries! Not to mention some great cideries and drinking spots from around the Empire state.

We thank you, our listeners, and look forward to bringing you the best in beer podcasts in 2017. For now, sit back and listen (or re-listen) to ten of our favorite episodes from 2016. It’s like a virtual advent calendar where each door opens something interesting and delicious!

Tristram Stuart and Toast Ale (Episode 351 – airdate: October 5th)

While choosing a single favorite episode is almost as hard as choosing a single favorite beer, we had one stand-out episode that we think is not only our best of 2016, but possibly our best episode ever.  We did a rare non-Tuesday live podcast on this Wednesday in October when Feedback founder and food waste pioneer Tristram Stuart was in town to discuss his latest (and tastiest!) attack on food waste: Toast Ale, a beer made from reclaimed bread waste. It was a rare combination of guests and great beer  not that guests and great beer are rare at all on the show  with serious policy talk that both educated and enlightened. You may never trim the crusts off your loaf again, but you’ll love this episode.

Don’t take our word for it. This is what Tristram had to say about doing the show:

“That was far and away the best story-telling around the Toast concept ever. Loads of people have come and filmed, interviewed, photographed and tried to explain what this project is like, but nothing has yet come anywhere near to capturing the sheer collaborative joy vibe that comes when you put passionate brewers, bakers, grain farmers, food recovery organisers, a bar-owning all-round food and drink legend, social entrepreneurs and a couple of nutty food waste obsessed environmental campaigners in a room together and get them boozing on a substance that unites all of their passions in one bottle. Your wizardry in bringing the right folk together never cease(s) to amaze me. A highlight of the journey so far.”

You can join us on Tristram’s journey and listen to the full episode here.

The Orval Show (Episode 323 – airdate: March 29th)

Did you know that one of the oldest Trappist brewers in the world has its own day celebrating one of the best beers in the world? Well, Orval this year launched its first ever Orval Day, and we’re talking (and tasting!) all the manifestations of this classic Belgian brew.

Listen to the full episode here.

Sam Calagione and Pallet Magazine (Episode 329 – airdate: May 10th)

We caught up with Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione at this year’s Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia, which made for a great pre-record with him and the editors of his new literary endeavor, Pallet Magazine. Come get off-centered with us as we delve into new avenues for brewery marketing and the continued overlap of beer and culture

Listen to the full episode here.

Food & Beer… The Book (Episode 330 – airdate: May 17th)

There’s only one Michelin-starred beer restaurant in the whole world, and now they’ve written a book! Host Jimmy Carbone is discussing food and beer pairings and the inspiration behind Michelin Award winning restaurant Luksus, the “hidden” restaurant in the back of one of the world’s best beer bars, Tørst. The Evil Twin himself, Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø, returns to the studio with his amazing chef, Daniel Burns, whose 15-course pairing menu is the basis of their new book,  Food & Beer, which aims to elevate beer to the level of wine in fine dining. With a dialogue running throughout the book, Food & Beer examines the vision and philosophy of this duo at the forefront of a new gastronomic movement, and highlights the dual visions of the authors and the spaces — Tørst, which is more rustic and relaxed, and Luksus, which is more sleek and refined.

Listen to the full episode here.

Brewed Food (Episode 333– airdate: June 7th)

Earlier this year, host Jimmy Carbone had a very cool food and beer tasting dinner at Jimmy’s No. 43 featuring the fermentation arts of Jensen Cummings, the creator of Brewed Food, and Brooklyn Brewery Chef extraordinaire Andrew Gerson. The day before they were on the show to talk about innovations in food and beer pairings and the future of brewed food.

Listen to the full episode here.

Beer Lawyers (Episode 336– airdate: June 28th)

It’s not always a party in here! Beer is serious business and from liability to trademarks to licensing agreements, lawyers who specialize in beer share their knowledge on the legal aspects to brewing in NYC and beyond.

Listen to the full episode here.

Industrial Arts (Episode 341 – airdate: August 2nd)

One of our favorite brewmasters opened his own place north of the city this year, and we welcome back Jeff O’Neil to chat about his newest (ad)venture, Industrial Arts Brewing.

Listen to the full episode here.

Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin – Danish Cherry Wine (Episode 348 – airdate: September 20th)

Jimmy Carbone is joined by fellow Heritage Radio Network host Damon Boelte (The Speakeasy), Agern Restaurant sommelier Chad Walsh, Chris Ball from Grand Army, who take a break from beer to chat about wine alongside B.R. Royla of Shelton Brothers. The stars of the show are Anne-Marie Skriver and Michael Moeller, the winemakers of the Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin winery in Denmark. Forget the grape! Bring on some cherry wine!

Listen to the full episode here.

Beer & BBQ (Episode 353 – airdate: October 18th)

What goes better than beer with barbecue? We can’t think of anything off the top of  our head! We welcomed 2013′s Brisket King of NYC Daniel Delaney from Delaney Barbecue to talk meat, more meat, and well, duh beer.

Listen to the full episode here.

Dr. Paul Matthews of Hopsteiner (Episode 361 – airdate: November 29th)

We’re getting all aromatic, flavorful and bitter as Dr. Paul Matthews, former president of the Hop Research Council, joins us in the studio alongside one of our favorite cider (and beer) makers, Indian Ladder Farms. Dr. Paul is currently the senior research scientist at Hopsteiner, a major hops trader and processor founded in 1845 in Washington’s Yakima Valley. We dig deep on this key ingredient in beer.

Listen to the full episode here.

On the Road with Beer Sessions Radio™  (airdate: from June 21st through November 1st)

As mentioned above  and because we couldn’t stop at just 10 episodes, so consider this a bonus present! our series On the Road was an amazing experience. We’re typically in the studio, broadcasting live, and what you hear is what we got! Thanks to a crackerjack mobile team that included Heritage Radio Network producer Caitlin Pierce and our roving photographer Miguel Rigas, we were able to edit and master four great episodes and bring you a new aspect of Beer Sessions Radio™ that we hope to continue in 2017.

Listen to the full series (four episodes) here.