Cider Week Brings Tastings, Radio Shows & Cider Salon

Beer Sessions Radio™ and The Good Beer Seal welcome Cider Week NYC with some great meet-ups at Jimmy’s No. 43 with cider makers from around the region. Over the years, we’ve recorded many cider episodes on Beer Sessions Radio™ on the Heritage Radio Network, and the station’s staff recently chose their favorite shows (of which we made the list several times!) in celebration of all things cider.

We’re celebrating ourselves this week, with visits from cider makers and the Second Annual Cider Salon. Among the features this week (all at Jimmy’s No. 43):

  • Guided Cider Tasting with Indian Ladder Farmstead Ciders’ Dietrich Gehring and Stuart Morrison Tuesday, October 25th
  • A casual late afternoon hang out on Thursday, October 27th, with Andy Brennan of Aaron Burr Ciders
  • very special cask from Eden Cidery at 5PM Friday, October 28th, with Eleanor Leger also hanging out with us
  • 2nd Annual Cider Salon from 12-4PM Saturday, October 29th with various panels, tastings and cider experts

More details on Saturday’s Cider Salon, which runs from 12-3PM at Jimmy’s No. 43:

Session 1 – Heritage Apples @1PM

Gidon Coll of Original Sin Cider will be teaching us about heritage apples used in cider making, and participants can see and taste these apples. Several single apple ciders will be presented allowing comparison of the apple taste to the fermented apple cider. We will also be tasting some of these apples in pastry tarts allowing comparisons of cooked apples.

Discussion of taste will proceed with the presentation ofDarlene Garvey, author of Cider Cocktails – Another Bite of the Apple, and her extensive knowledge of cider apples grown in California.

Session 2 – Cider Fermentation

We’ll welcome Eli Cayer of Urban Farm Fermentory  (Portland, Maine), who will share his expertise in approaches to fermentation, focusing on adding flavors during conditioning of his ciders.  We hope to taste ciders conditioned on sumac and on seaweed; the latter is expected to be a potentially unique pairing for Japanese food.  An overview of fermentation with tasting will be provided by Ryan Burk from his position heading the experimental arm of Angry Orchard Ciders which is doing small batch fermentation at its Innovation Cidery in Walden, NY.

A ticket ($15) is required for admission (buy here); includes limited samples with additional food/drink available for purchase including ciders from Farnum Hill, South Hill, Eden, Black Duck, Original Sin,  Embark, Urban Farm Fermentory, more…

We hope to see you during Cider Week, and be sure to tune in to Beer Sessions Radio every Tuesday at 5PM!

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