The Great Hot Dog CookOff and KIMCHIPALOOZA!

Tickets for Kelso’s 6th Annual Great Hot Dog CookOff go on sale July 1st!

20 teams of fierce amateur chefs bring their hot dog prowess to this competition and fundraiser to benefit local charities including Food Bank of New York City. This annual event has grown from a friendly grill off to a hot dog throw down of epic proportions. Don’t miss this opportunity to get some hot dog inspiration. Visit The Great Hot Dog Cookoff website for information and tickets!

What is KIMCHIPALOOZA? Mama O’s Kimchi is going all out at this year’s CookoutNYC event on Governors Island (July 10th- a featured event of July Good Beer Month) and  putting together a mess of Kimchi contests including a Homemade Kimchi Contest, Creative Cooking with Kimchi Contest, a Daikon Kimchi Eating Contest and A Super Spicy Kimchi Eating Contest! For rules and more information, check out Mama O’s Kimchee and join in the fun at CookOutNYC.

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