What You Missed On Beer Sessions Radio™ – Honey, It’s Mead! (03/19/13)

Don’t worry, bee happy could be the theme to this week’s Beer Sessions Radio™ episode (#155, listen here), as one of our favorite co-hosts, Jen Schwertman, joins us in the studio along with Evil Twin’s Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø. We’re talking about Mead—is it a wine? a beer? turns out, it’s both (or either, depending on how you run your facility)—with homebrewer and beekeeper Roger Repohl and phone-in guest Michael Fairbrother of Moonlight Meadery in New Hampshire. After you hear everyone wax rhapsodic over the Desire and Apple Pie meads, you’ll wish you were in Alaska (no, really, because they’ll ship there but not to NY!!!, although you may be able to score some at Top Hops). Michael plays up the romance in his branding because “80 percent of (his) customers are women.” And Jimmy reminisces on his first mead homebrew.

On the non-mead front, Jen discusses her “place” (i.e. she came in second) at the Beer Drinker of the Year competition last month in Colorado. And Jeppe talks about his favorite brewery (hint, it’s all about the sour!). And speaking of homebrew, we’re celebrating with Craig Hendry of Raise Your Pints, whose five-year mission came to a close this week as Mississippi became the 49th state to legalize homebrewing (Alabama remains the soul holdout). Plus Gary Glass, Director of the American Homebrewers Association, weighs in on the new law and the state of homebrewing in America.

So pour yourself a pint and enjoy a honey of a great show.

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