“The New Primitives” to debut today, 5PM, with On the Road with Beer Sessions Radio™

PlanBeeHeritage Radio Network and Beer Sessions Radio™ today (Tuesday, 6/21) will launch a special four-part series, On the Road with Beer Sessions Radio.  In each episode, Beer Sessions Radio™ host Jimmy Carbone goes behind the scenes to learn about the creative production process of the best craft beer, cider, and spirits from the ground to the glass.  This series will support the promotion of over thirty craft beverage businesses across five regions of New York State.

The first episode, “The New Primitives,” featuring Suarez Family Brewery, Hudson Valley Malt, Plan Bee Farm Brewery, From the Ground Brewery, Migliorelli Farm, and Daughters Fare & Ale, will debut today, Tuesday June 21st at 5PM, on Heritage Radio Network.  Listeners can tune in to the live stream, or find the podcasts on iTunes.

The series is funded in part by a $35,296 Craft Beverage Marketing and Promotion Grant from Empire State Development (ESD) and is sponsored by Taste NY.  Listeners can take part in craft beverage tour packages of these regions offered by EscapeMaker.com

“Thanks to generous funding from Empire State Development we can bring these stories to the airwaves like never before. Heritage Radio Network has listeners in over 200 countries and we cannot wait to share the amazing work of our fellow New Yorkers with the world.” said Erin Fairbanks, Executive Director, HRN

What you missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: Tristram Stuart and Toast Ale

ToastPaleAleThis week on Beer Sessions Radio™, host Jimmy Carbone is convening a special Wednesday live show with TED Talk celebrity and food sustainability pioneer Tristram Stuart. Tristram is founder of Feedback (focused on food waste) and Toast Ale, which is making craft beer from bread that otherwise would be wasted. He learned about this brewing innovation via the Brussels Beer Project, when he tasted their Babylon beer made from bread waste. One-hundred percent of the profits of Toast Ale go to increase the recycling of bread waste. He’s creating a classic English ale that is being well received by beer experts as a quality craft ale that also solves the problem of food waste around the world and its delicious solutions.

Tristram’s lifelong mission to bring food waste to the fore (nearly 1/3 of all food on Earth is wasted); it’s a massive environmental problem that people are finally starting to address. As he says, “Let’s have a party, guys… it’s a delicious solution to a serious problem: eating and enjoying food together rather than throwing it away.”

How do you make beer from leftover bread? The basic principle is simple: You replace a percentage of barley in brewing with bread.

Since launching in the UK in January, Toast has rescued more than a ton of bread that would have otherwise gone into landfills. Bread is one of the biggest contributors to food waste; so much is produced that even soup kitchens and feeding programs consistently have more bread than they can distribute. NYC plans to launch its own version of the product in 2017 to be spearheaded by Madi Holtzman and Devin Hardy. Toast’s launch in NYC is just the first step in what will soon become a global, united movement to eliminate bread waste and raise money for charity by brewing quality beer.

Also in the studio are Amy Halloran, author of The New Bread Basket, Pat Green of Chelsea Craft Brewing Company and Rachel Eshner of Eschner Farms.

Amy notes that historically, bread wasn’t wasted because there were recipes that used up all the bread. Today there is a lot of wasted labor and energy in the bread market. Tristram tries to prevent the waste in the first place, with Toast Ale being a secondary solution.

Pat is working with Madi and the Toast NYC team to be the initial brewer of the beer up at his new facility up in the Bronx. He explains the process of adding bread to the mash to create the new beer.  There are brewers all over the world working to come up with new recipes and craft beer brewers are very excited about the effort.

Amy talks about how “grains are this unifying human experience. Grains brought us together oh so long ago and they have this great capacity to bring us together again.”

Listen to the full episode here.

What you missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: Brewed Food

BSR_06072016This week on Beer Sessions Radio™, host Jimmy Carbone and Anne Becerra welcome the creator of Brewed Food, Jensen Cummings, and Brooklyn Brewery Chef extraordinaire Andrew Gerson to talk about innovations in food and beer pairings.

First up, documentary filmmakers and craft beer lovers, Eric Schleyer and Andrew Coury, are making a movie about the NYC beer scene that includes Brooklyn Brewery and Bridge & Tunnel, among others. They’re calling it Beer Boom Movie. “It’s really about the growth of craft beer,” right now. They’ve enjoyed learning the “behind the scenes” stories of the city’s brewers and how the business of brewing is affecting NYC and beyond.

Eric reveals his trade secrets for selling “heavy” and “light” beer from his days hawking at Shea Stadium along with the challenges of finding footage for the film.

Taking inspiration from such renown food and beer pairing events like Savor, Brewed Food is Jensen Cummings’ “full on circus of beer and food.” His traveling food show is “fermenting people’s minds… by taking the idea of brewing and applying it as the core philosophy of cuisine.”

According to Andrew, Jensen is taking beer and food pairings to the next level by fermenting with beer ingredients (e.g. taking beer yeast from various strains to create unique fermentation profiles such as in the Yuzu Kosho used during a recent tasting event at Brooklyn Brewery). Andrew also chats about the evolution of beer dinners and what Brooklyn Brewery is doing both locally and across America.

Jensen explains: “It’s not enough for us to wait until beer is done to interact with it from a culinary perspective.”

We’re also bidding farewell to long-term producer of Beer Sessions Radio™, Jack Inslee. He’ll be missed and we wish him well.

Listen to the full episode here.

What you missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: Food & Beer with Luksus & Tørst

torstThis week on Beer Sessions Radio™, host Jimmy Carbone is talking food and beer pairings and the inspiration behind Michelin Award winning restaurant Luksus, the “hidden” restaurant in the back of one of the world’s best beer bars, Tørst. The Evil Twin himself, Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø, returns to the studio with his amazing chef, Daniel Burns, whose 15-course pairing menu is the basis of their new book,  Food & Beer, which aims to elevate beer to the level of wine in fine dining. With a dialogue running throughout the book, Food & Beer examines the vision and philosophy of this duo at the forefront of a new gastronomic movement, and highlights the dual visions of the authors and the spaces — Tørst, which is more rustic and relaxed, and Luksus, which is more sleek and refined.

Also in the studio is Cat Wolinski of Ale Street News, who weighs in on some of her favorite beer and food pairings, including cooking with beer (IPA hummus? Yum!). So pull up a plate and a pint and listen in to this week’s delicious episode here.

What you missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: Dogfish Head’s New Literary Endeavor

BSR_05102016_1We’re getting a little “off-centered” on this week’s episode of Beer Sessions Radio™, as we track down the Head of the Dogfish… in other words, we’re hanging out with Sam Calagione, founder of Dogfish Head Brewery, at the 2016 Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia!

It’s a pre-record that ties in nicely to last week’s episode as we witness the continued overlap of beer and culture. Instead of a famed musical, Sam has launched a new lifestyle magazine, Pallet, that brings together culture and craft beer. Pallet editors Nadia Saccardo and Rick Bannister also join in on the fun, along with guest co-host Anne Becera and Certified Cicerone James Tai, both in town for the Conference.

You can catch the full episode here.

What you missed on Beer Sessions Radio™: Jack’s Abby and KCBC

JacksAbbyKCBCOn this week’s episode of Beer Sessions Radio™, host Jimmy Carbone welcomes beer back in Bushwick. At one time the center of the beer making universe (in the 1800s) and current home to Roberta’s where we tape our weekly podcast, Bushwick has been without a brick and mortar brewery for some time. Welcome to Kings County Brewers Collective opening later this summer on Troutman Street. Tony Bellis, Zach Kinney and Pete Lengyel are graduating from award-winning homebrewers to a collaborative brewery. They all studied at the American Brewer’s Guild…

Also in the studio? Sam Hendler and Tim from Jack’s Abby in Massachusetts, which is launching next week in NYC. According to guest co-host Anne Becera, their line-up of lager brews is outstanding. They’re trying to “have some fun with lagers.” With new breweries opening every day, they have found their niche as one of the few craft breweries focused exclusively on cooler-fermenting lager beers. Sam’s brother, Jack, spent time studying brewing techniques in Munich and brought them back stateside. They already have a couple dozen lagers in their portfolio.

Interestingly, all their lagers are naturally carbonated in the tanks. Hear about the process and the challenges of both making lager beers and opening a brewery in NYC on this week’s show (full episode here).